About Us: The Downward Spiral

Kreskin Uses ESP!

Welcome to The Downward Spiral – the untold story of Fast Search & Transfer.

Your humble bloggers are not affiliated with Fast. Rather, we are IT and Search industry veterans, who watched in amazement at Fast’s meteoric rise. The rise in and of itself was not the amazing part – but that it was done in absence of any solid business principles or strategy. And we thought the days of the dot.com were behind us.

Now that Fast has reached a tipping point, the downward spiral begins. Watch in awe as our amazing, Kreskin-like powers predict and document the downfall.

All content herein is purely rumor, and wild speculative rumor at that. This blog is not suited for persons who believe that Search is the second coming of Jesus and Oslo is the new Bethlehem.

Got rumors? Send them along to umlaut_lars@yahoo.com.


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