Sometimes your best investments are the ones you don’t make.


Fast is taking a lease in NYC with space for 40. What’s wrong with this picture? The fact that they’re paying for 9x more space than they need, or the desire to massively overhire a field sales office?

Computer Search Firm Finds New Space


9 Responses

  1. Given the ad they also placed with a NYC recruitment firm for “large males with some nightclub entry/exit management” experience, it is clear that the office space is to be used as a secure storage facility, to house 5 years+ worth of MOU’s, side letters and their rapidly dwindling cash pile, hidden away from the prying eyes of the Oslo Bors and the Norwegian Tax Authorities…

  2. Lars, your fans expect much more from you than this. This is not a new lease, but the same office space they’ve had for 4 or more years? Don’t tell me all the dirt has been revealed and we’re now reduced to reading ancient lease agreements?

  3. The article is all of 8 days old.

    By the way, no one has ever accused me of being smart. That’s why I’m spending my time doing this. I can’t contribute to society in any meaningful way.

  4. With the holiday season coming up, why don’t you try and lay off a bit and realize that there are a lot of hard working people in the search industry who don’t want to worry about slander being posted online. I’m sure whatever it is you do makes you happy and a successful person, and I see no reason for why you need to be a bully. If you previously worked for FAST or work for a competitor, try and be the bigger person and forget whatever they have done to you. Move on with life:)

  5. Just to follow up on what “Some Guy” was so eloquently saying…..


    Boo-frickin-hoo. Go cry somewhere else, ya nancy.

  6. You think I’m a nancy but you are the ones who don’t have the balls to let anybody know who you really are…you are all just bitter for one reason or another and obviously your mother’s and father’s raised you as nancies…otherwise you wouldn’t be adults spending your time with a lame blog to get back at someone who you feel did you wrong…Grow up ya twats……….

  7. Now now ladies….
    Anyone who posts here does so because they have an opinion. Most of them are simply voicing a light hearted view and bringing to light facts or simple “wild rumor” that relates to FAST. Let’s be clear, FAST have done wrong, serious wrong, of that there is absolutely no debate. They were booking revenues that they should not have booked, period. The debate is one of accountability – who is accountable for the gross mis-management of shareholder’s money and accountable to those employees who lost their jobs as a result of the company’s negligence. This is a business that has misled customers, partners, shareholders and employees and as a result, fully deserves to be brought to book…Forums like this one are just a place for people to have a voice. It’s irrelevant if anyone posting here is a former employee, a partner, or if they compete with Fast. If you are unhappy with any comment, you can say as much, but be prepared to have your comments challenged…I am happy for a debate on any of my own posts and more than happy to reveal myself, although my parole officer will most likely not be happy with that happening again – not in public anyway.

  8. You want to know who we are? You long to know or names and identities?

    We are Edmond Dantés… and we are your father. And your mother… your brother… your friend. We are you… and me. We are all of us.


  9. Some Guy…

    I’m assuming you mean libel, and not slander….but anyway.

    In order for something to be libelous, it has to be untrue.

    Any materials here that you can document and prove to be untrue, will not only be taken down with an apology, but for each one, I’ll buy a share of Fast stock.

    Of course, I’ll need to pass the collection plate for the buck and change it will cost me.

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