What’s the Worst That Could Happen?


We’ll never believe that the Fast Board of Directors is anything other than refined gentlemen and consummate professionals. Which is why the only explanation for this news is that the BoD member was somehow channeling Martin Lawrence. Not kid-friendly Open Season Martin Lawrence, but high as a kite, gun waving in traffic, jogging on the hottest day in LA with a wool hat on Martin Lawrence.

Be sure to check out the Wikipedia section “Changes in Board of Directors” which gives a quick English translation. Also, let it be noted for the record, that we at the Downward Spiral never have and never will edit Wikipedia – we leave that to our devoted cult-like followers.

I should have shot Spetalen (Norwegian)


12 Responses

  1. There is nothing like the threat of cold blooded murder to convince shareholders that FAST is a balanced, well managed, professional business!…Robert Keith’s comments reminded me of perhaps the wisest words I had previously heard from a FAST executive, and I quote…”JML cannot carry on shi**ing on his own doorstep and expect no-one to notice the smell”…well with the stench now stretching across continents, I would not be suprised if hasn’t taken on human form. Come to think of it, there is a certain EVP who never was that fragrant…..

  2. It’s ok, you can say shitting on this site.

  3. Thank f*ck for that…

  4. martin is great my best comedian

  5. Hi i am Behzad .i love film,poster,….
    thanke you

  6. seas wie gehts da

  7. martin films are kewl xD

  8. i love you martin i love you:D

  9. aaa I forgot that …i’m a big fan

  10. hmm everyone love martin.my parent called d sh*t fun time while any play he featured but our favourite is the movie he called ‘martin’ Testy 4rm nigeria

  11. Icebottle@yahoo.com

  12. wich movie is this ?

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